Conversation between eminent Prof. T G Sitharaman, Chairman, AICTE & Yogi Kochhar, Founder: YOL

Order Six Sigma Happiness Handbook


I , of the institution below confirm our obligation and affirmation to promote happiness on our campus as per APH-22-23 and APH 23-24 and norms below.
I confirm compliance to the following points in accordance with The AICTE Notification One & Two leading to The happiness Matrix scheme.
This aligns with the emotional and social learning of our students and we understand it shall become a very important parameter during campus placement evaluations by HR of the various companies.
Institutes based on existing +fresh students. Above 70% downloads +usage Between 50%-70% downloads +usage Below 50% downloads +usage
Category of institute
  1. We shall put up for approval of our academic council and seek grant of 1credit/semester for all our students based on usage of the YOL-YourOneLife happiness app. We confirm that we have understood that this will be managed, monitored, mentored and evaluated (including marks) entirely by YOL-YourOneLife and NOT require any faculty and not burden our institution.

  2. We shall ensure that all students enrolled in this institution download the YourOneLife-YOL app. To do that we shall share this sample notification as desired by AICTE from our institute to our students (click here) and send it to all enrolled and fresh students.This contains all instructions.

    We and our students shall be rated as per the table below in accordance with the downloads and usage of the app. We hope to achieve Gold level within the first one month by ensuring that 70% of our students have downloaded the app and are using it.

    We and our students shall also earn NFTs for each post updated and see the live score on the app.

  3. Per the notification above, We shall register below and download 1 Manual per 250 students enrolled (existing +fresh) titled 6 sigma happiness.

  4. For any further clarifications, discussions or advise on FDPs, and Happiness Festivals in association with the creators of the app. We shall contact:

We shall be monitored at the backend by YOL-YourOneLife and our compliance shall be shared with AICTE. We look forward to support happiness on our campus and shall comply with the points above.

Thanks for ordering!
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